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another sunny Spring-day moon +/-17.30 hs -0300GMT and Snowball Viburnum opulus at all splendor full white for few days Regards from Argentina South America 3º world

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eMail is not secure not designed to be secure, every so called "privacy" eMail provider uses this as slogan and fools people. It is not a Proton exclusive problem.

eMail never was or is secure, get that in your head people.

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high volume of small size files is a nightmare of disk I/O and also Google Drive

spam best practices work better than gmail. At the sametime, Modoboa server has no junk mail although many of them already on gmail spam folder.

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Big data still is a big problem with FOSS

is the best FOSS email server, I was try,
- Very good spam practices
- Easy to install/upgrade ( not always, sometime has bug on installer :) )
- Stable enough to run in production
- Easy to manage
Notes: I was used: outlook for bussiness, google workplace, Zimbra Opensource, hmail server. iREDMAIL difficult to install on self host, so I decided to not try,

Automatic work happening here in my brain
😘 🤣

À ra thế -::- Ủa vậy hả!

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À ra Thế

arathe in Vietnamese was: " à ra thế". it's meant: Well, that's funny. So welcome to arathe.net